Uttar Pradesh: Dalit youth beaten with sticks, made to chant ‘Jai Mata Di’

The incident took place last Sunday in Purkazi, Uttar Pradesh. A Dalit youth in Muzaffarnagar in western UP was beaten mercilessly with sticks by three men who hurled abuses, kicked him and forced him to chant ‘Jai Mata Di’, claiming he had insulted gods.

After a video clip of the assault last Sunday, which was recorded by a fourth assailant, began doing the rounds of social media, police lodged an FIR and launched a manhunt.

Police have identified the victim — a 27-year-old Dalit resident of Muzaffarnagar. Senior Superintendent of Police Anant Deo said an FIR under “strict sections” had been lodged at the Purkazi police station.

We are speaking to the victim and his family members and the accused have been identified as three-four Gujjar residents of the area. The incident took place in the Purkazi police station area,” the SSP said.

An FIR was registered under IPC sections 307 (attempt to murder), 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) and sections of the SC/ST Act and IT Act, police said.

The video clip shot Sunday shows a man wearing a black helmet lying on the ground and being beaten and kicked by at least three men while a fourth records the incident. At one point, the man’s hands are folded while his helmet is pulled out and the three men assault him and ask him to repeat chants like ‘Jai Mata Di’.

In the clip, the assailants ask another person to videotape the incident and make it “viral”. e of them tells the Dalit youth, “We don’t criticise your Ambedkar, do we? y did you do it to ours?

Omvir Singh, SP City, Muzaffarnagar, said: “Our teams our conducting raids to nab the accused. One of them has been brought in for questioning and arrests will be made soon.

A police officer said they are investigating if the incident was linked to another incident a month ago, which too was videotaped and circulated on social media platforms. In that incident, gods were being ridiculed,” the officer said.


New turkey-sized plant-eating dinosaur identified

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The Diluvicursor pickeringi, which scientists identified from fossils found in Victoria 12 years ago. More than 10 years after finding foot and tail fossils in Victoria's south-west, scientists have identified a new dinosaur that roamed what has been described as Australia's "lost world".

The fossils were found in 113-million-year-old rocks that form a sea platform near Cape Otway in 2005 by a volunteer prospector.

University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences alumnus Dr Matt Herne said scientists have now figured out the bones belonged to a turkey-sized herbivore, which lived in the Australian-Antarctic rift valley.

It's taken quite a while to … work out exactly what the skeleton is, and what the skeleton's evolutionary relationships are," he said.

It takes time and very careful and detailed examination, so that's partly why it's taken so long to get out to now.

The dinosaur has been named Diluvicursor pickeringi, meaning Pickering's flood-running dinosaur, after the late David Pickering, who was Museums Victoria's collection manager for vertebrate palaeontology.

Dr Herne said it took a team of people doing field trips to work out what the dinosaur was like and the kind of environment it lived in.

From what we can tell, even though it's only preserved a tail and a foot, from those bones, we can talk from similarly related things, that it was a biped, so it ran around on its two strong hind legs," he said.

This particular dinosaur probably weighed between 3 or 4 kilograms, but its species have grown to a size of 2. 3 metres in length, and up to 17kg.

Unlike the turkey, it was probably scaled, rather than feathered, with a beak and grinding teeth for eating vegetation.

The team's research also involved a detailed analysis of what the Australian-Antarctic rift would have been like when it was inhabited by dinosaurs.

The environment that the lived in is really exciting, because it was in fact a big rift valley that existed between Australia and Antarctica," Dr Herne said.

And on the eastern margin of it was a massive volcanic mountain range, possibly akin to the Andes, and of course this all gone now.

So what we're looking at is a lost world, basically Australia's lost world … the only rocks that we can actually visit and look at this lost world are on the south coast of Victoria.


Japanese held with 11kg gold at Dhaka airport

Japanese held with 11kg gold at Dhaka airport

The arrestee was identified as Kengo Shibata, Mohammad Sydul Islam, assistant commissioner of customs, told The Daily Star.

Tipped off, the team searched Kengo Shibata when he was crossing green channel at the airport around 12:40am and found 11 gold bars, each weighing one kg, from him, the AC said.

He was a passenger of the Regent Airways flight coming from Singapore, Sydul said.

The market price of the seized gold is approximately Tk 5. 50 crore, he added.

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