Russian woman injured in Hurghada knife attack fought back - embassy


Russian woman injured in Hurghada knife attack fought back - embassy

CAIRO, July 15. /TASS/. The Russian woman stabbed by a knifeman in Egypt’s Hurghada fought back, Russia’s Charg· D’affaires to Egypt Artyom Polyakov told TASS on Saturday.

"Our fellow countrywoman happened to be a very courageous woman as she was fending off the knife attacker fearlessly in Hurghada," Polyakov said, adding that her bravery could have possibly saved her life.

"The attacker did not expect such resistance from the Russian woman and switched to other tourists," the Russian diplomat said.

"She was defending herself from the knife so her hand and arm were mostly injured," he said, adding "her face was cut a few times, too."

"Her condition is satisfactory, she can walk by herself, but is in an unstable mental, post-traumatic condition," Polyakov said.

The woman "has accepted Egypt’s proposal to get moved to Cairo for further treatment." In hospital, she will undergo a comprehensive medical check-up and then plastic surgery, the diplomat said. "The treatment might be long and will probably take weeks," he added.

Russian diplomats keep in contact with Egyptian authorities, law enforcement agencies and hospital management.

"We are ready to provide any possible and necessary assistance to our fellow countrywoman at any time," Polyakov said.

On Friday, a man attacked foreigners with a knife on the beach of a hotel in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada. Two German female tourists were stabbed to death in the attack. Two female tourists from Armenia, a woman from the Czech Republic and another from Russia were injured.